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ASCIIFlow is a client-side only web based application for drawing ASCII diagrams. You can use it at



ASCIIFlow is built with Bazel. Bazel is most easily installed to the correct version through Bazelisk. See .bazelversion for the correct version if you aren't using Bazelisk.

npm install -g @bazel/bazelisk
yarn global add @bazel/bazelisk

For development, ibazel is also a very useful tool to help with automatic rebuilding and reloading.

npm install -g @bazel/ibazel
yarn global add @bazel/ibazel

Running ASCIIFlow locally

After installation of Bazel/Bazelisk, you can run ASCIIFlow locally with:

ibazel run client:devserver

Or without ibazel (won't do live reloading):

bazel run client:devserver