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An open source Campfire server
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Marshmallow by Larry Gadea (,

An OpenSource Campfire(TM, i think?) server.


You might have heard of Campfire by 37signals. This is an implementation of their backend in C. This server is written using libevent and all that goodness. Benchmarked at 10000req/s on a macbook -- serving beautiful static content!

Also, yes, I realize that a large part of this project is client-side. I'll get .. something .. done for that. Meanwhile, you're stuck with templates swiped from 37signals. I'm trying to keep the swiping to a minimum tho, just so that Propane can parse it.


You get a room listing of rooms you can join but can only talk to yourself in.

Current Status


  • Make sure you have the libevent libs installed from
  • To build, use: make
  • To run, use: sudo ./marshmallow. Sudo is needed to bind on port 80
  • To prepare, add to your /etc/hosts file
  • To use, install and open Propane and add to it


Please send your cease and desist to Otherwise, I'd love to hear comments/suggestions too!

Oh and feel free to steal my code.

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