Client-Side Javascript WCA-Style Scrambler.
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WCA-Style Puzzle Scrambler: Mark 2 [BETA]

This is not the official WCA scrambler, although it may proposed as one.

The name "Mark 2" represents that this is an entirely rewritten second-generation system for the WCA, and is also a reference to the attempt to convert all scramblers into Markov Random State Scramblers.


  • Replace all scramblers by high-quality random scramblers, where possible (reasonable alternatives otherwise).
  • Implement everything entirely in client-side Javascript. Everything should work in a browser online OR offline, without any other effort. (e.g. no remote/local servers or executables to start. Sorry, tnooodle.)
  • Unify the old scramblers into one, easy-to-use interface for generating competition scrambles.

New Features

  • Markov Random-State 3x3x3 and Square-1 scramblers.
  • Clearer clock and Square-1 notation.

Style Guide

  • When updating a scrambler, update date of the version at the end of the file.
  • Make sure all scramblers use implement a setRandomSource(src) methoda and use randomSource.random() instead of Math.random().
  • Always loop over an array using for (var i=0; i < array.length; i++) instead of for (var i in array).



  • GWT for Java -> Javascript compilation.