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Software Carpentry ICS proposal

The R consortium invites the community to submit ISC Proposals:

The goal of the Infrastructure Steering Committee (the ISC) is to support projects that broadly help the R community. This might be software development, developing new teaching materials, documenting best practices, standardising APIs or doing research. Currently, the ISC chiefly provides financial support for projects proposed by individuals or teams who have the skills to carry out the work, but we can also provide administrative support, promotion and some collaboration tools for groups who would like to study more ambitious projects.

The proposal was submitted on Friday 8 January.

Good news, we got the grant!


  • The course was run in Cambridge, on the 19-20 September 2016, and was lead by Karin Lagesen and Steve Crouch.

  • Here's a blog post about the course.

  • Some outputs/exercises from the course.

  • Slides for the ISC Project Status Webinar.


  • Laurent Gatto
  • John Blishak
  • Greg Wilson
  • David LeBauer
  • Jonah Duckles

If you have questions or comments, please open an issue.