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Unofficial server browser for Factorio
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Factorio Serverlist

Unofficial serverlist and mod pack generator for Factorio - version 3.0

(It was originally just a serverlist, now it also serves mods. Hence the name.)

Serverlist features

  • Display countries and sort by closest server
  • Search by number of players, server version, mods (and versions), server name, description, tags, IP address and player name
  • List auto-updates every minute
  • Filter out passworded servers or servers that require user verification
  • Sort by playing time, number of players online, uptime, etc.
  • It remembers your last search settings

Mod pack generator

Since version 3.0, a mod pack generator has been added. It is integrated into this project because it fits nicely in the web interface (no need for a separate website) and because it uses the serverlist data as well.


You will need a MySQL/MariaDB database and a web server running PHP 5.4 or newer. Copy all the files in www into the desired web directory and modify config.template.php. After modifying, rename it to config.php.

Database setup is done automatically. It uses two tables: factorioservers and modlog. Unless you have existing tables named that way, you don't need to create a new database.

The final step is to setup a cronjob for updating the serverlist and downloading mods. For the serverlist, either call get-games.php from the command line (causing $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] to be unset) or call get-games.php?secretUpdateParameter (see config.php to configure the parameter). For the mod downloader, call mod-downloader.php from the command line.


MIT. See the LICENSE file. Third party resources are all noted in the footer of the website (see the live site, or check out www/index.html).


Contributions of any kind are welcome! Documentation, feedback, enhancements, refactoring, graphics, you name it.

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