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Beautiful Gardens

A static website generator boilerplate.


The Beautiful Gardens static website generator boilerplate was developed for use on my website. This can be used as a starting point for a static generated site or just serve as an example of how a site of this type can be done.


  • Gulp.js task runner for automation
  • Uses Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Panini flat file generator for compiling HTML and layouts into HTML pages
  • Templating using Handlebars
  • SASS to CSS conversion
  • CSS Autoprefixing
  • Sitewide CSS and JavaScript output to single files
  • CSS and JavaScript file minification
  • Choose Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components to use in project
  • Supports using certain CSS and JavaScript files only on specific pages
  • Watch for file changes to recompile
  • Live reload browser with BrowserSync
  • Separate handling of images in picture gallery
  • Responsive light gallery supporting touch and swipe navigation with jQuery lightgallery
  • Cross-browser CSS animations with animate.css
  • Table sorting with jquery.tablesorter.js (FORK)
  • Scroll to top of page

How to use boilerplate

As a prerequisite node.js must be installed on the computer. Node.js installers can be found at and version 8 or later is recommended.

  1. If gulp version 3 is installed globally on the computer it should be uninstalled. Linux users might need to use sudo depending on how the computer is set up.
npm uninstall -g gulp
  1. Install Gulp-cli which supports both gulp version 3 and 4.
npm install -g gulp-cli
  1. Download the zip from this GitHub repository, unzip it, rename the folder to what you want and move the folder to where you to use it.
  2. Open a command prompt/terminal and cd to the folder. The gulp plugins and their dependencies first need to be installed.
npm install

After this is complete the gulp tasks can be run.

gulp build  //compiles and copies everything to the dist folder
gulp        //builds and runs BrowserSync

For the default gulp task a browser should open with the Beautiful Gardens site.

Demo website

A Demo website of the Beautiful Gardens static website generator boilerplate is at


See the file.