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A set of tools to make life easier using FogBugz.  Licensed under GPLv3.

FogBugz Useful Quick Input Greasemonkey Script
This script makes the quick entry actually useful by letting you modify several options

* Category
* Who to assign it to
* Time estimate
* Due Date
* Priority

This should also save the last entered as the default in a cookie...

FogBugz Spreadsheet
This tool will export and import from a CSV to allow bulk editing of cases.

FogBugz: MakeItBetter
There are lots of things I wish were better about FogBugz - also, the API is clunky and unpleasant.  That being said, I don't see myself writing a better task tracking system anytime soon and it's the only one I know that does good effort tracking, so...

- Why is the quick entry field so useless? (auto assigns to first category/user, no
  ability for time estimates or any other field)
- Why can't I do bulk entry?
- Why is the API so complex/bad? - It's pretty much impossible to create a case without
  doing a half-dozen calls to try to get ID's for users, categories, types, etc...
- Why doesn't the New Case screen remember your last selected fields and default to them?
- Why does a case detail have an additional edit screen?  Let me edit from the same page  if I have permissions