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Adds reactions in MESA which simulate the charged current neutrino interactions on free nucleons in core-collapse supernovae

MESA-Nu-Interactions is a set of modified and added FORTRAN files which enable the user to simulate a time varying electron neutrino flux and the resultant charged current neutrino interactions on free nucleons in MESA simulated core-collapse supernovae. The rates for these reactions are based off the calculations by Qian & Woosley (1997). The code which performs the rates calculations is placed in run_star_extras so as to be easily accessible to the user. To install this functionality the user should replace the original files in the mesa-r10398 directory with the modified and added files from MESA-Nu-Interactions/MESA_nu_int_files. The following is a table of the files and the correct placement within $MESA_DIR:

File Location within mesa-r10398
net_lib.f90 /net/public
net_approx21.f90 /net/private
net_approx21_plus_co56.f90 /net/private
net_approx21_plus_fe53_fe55_co56.f90 /net/private /net/private
net_eval.f90 /net/private
net_derivs.f90 /net/private
net_burn.f90 /net/private
net_burn_const_density.f90 /net/private
net_burn_const_p.f90 /net/private
makefile /net/make
test_net_support.f /net/test/src
sample_net.f /net/test/src
test_net_do_one /net/test/src
other_net_get.f90 /star/other
net.f90 /star/private
reactions.list /data/rates_data
raw_rates.f90 /rates/private
rates_names.f90 /rates/private
rates_def.f90 /rates/public
test_output /rates/test
run_star_extras.f90 In the work directory of
a project where the
functionality is desired
net_neu_reac.f90 /net/private

MESA can then be recompiled. If the compiler indicates MESA has been installed correctly then so has MESA-Nu-Interaction. To use the added reactions in a core-collapse supernova simulation the user must include them in their reaction network. They have been named r_prot_wk_neut and r_neut_wk-minus_prot. However, by default the reactions have a null rate which does not effect the composition or energy generation. Only when the user has set the "use_other_net_get" inlist control parameter has been set to true, and the x_ctrls defining the properties of the neutrino flux have been set will the proper rates be calculated and used. This allows the user to continue to use MESA in the same way as pre-addition, but also turn on the neutrino interactions when desired entirely through the use of inlists. The charged nurrent neutrino interactions have also been added to the approx21 series of reaction networks. If the user does not wish to use them in these networks, the above still applies (i.e. if use_other_net_get = .false. then the rates used is effectively zero).

The MESA_Nu_Interactions/test_ccsn directory contains a MESA star work directory which can be used to test the implemented charged current neutrino interactions and familiarize the user. In addition, it is recommended to read the Nu_int_paper.pdf document as it presents the results from the test_ccsn run.

If there are any remaining questions regarding this addition please don't hesitate to contact Liam Kroll at


Adds reactions in MESA which simulate the charged current neutrino interactions on free nucleons in core-collapse supernovae




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