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Tidy library interface via FFI
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Tidy FFI

What is it all about?

I wanted to have a clean and simple tidy library. For example:'a string').clean

For now it can't do anything else than clean (and saves errors from it) :)


You can use different ways to specify options. These examples produce the same output:

TidyFFI::Tidy.default_options.show_body_only = true'test').clean

TidyFFI::Tidy.with_options(:show_body_only => true).new('test').clean

tidy ='test')
tidy.options.show_body_only = true
tidy.clean'test', :show_body_only => true).clean

TidyFFI::Tidy.clean('test', :show_body_only => 1)

Other stuff

And of course, it's depenedent on ffi and libtidy. So make sure they're installed before using the library!

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