OpenCL based GPU accelerated SPH fluid simulation library
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An OpenCL based GPU accelerated SPH fluid simulation library

Can I see it in action?

Demo #1
Demo #2


Libclsph was created to explore the possibilty of using the power of OpenCL to speed up the simulation of SPH fluid mechanics.

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics is a fluid simulation technique that can be used to produce realistic simulations for animation,CGI or videogames.

How ?

Libclsph uses C++11 and OpenCL to run simulations. Results are exported using industry standards and can then be used in programs like houdini. Simulation properties can be easily modified by the user.

Getting started

Be sure to visit the wiki for more information and detailed instructions on how to get started.

Libraries used

  • picojson is used to load simulation properties from files.
  • cereal is used for all serialization needs.
  • partio is used to import/export particle data.
  • tinyobjloader is used to load geometry in obj format.