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=== Google AJAX Translation ===
Tags: google, ajax, translate, translation, language
Contributors: Libin Pan and Michael Klein
Requires at least: 1.5
Tested up to: 2.6
Stable tag: 0.3.1

This plugin enables Google AJAX Language API on your blog, so your blog readers can easily translate your blog posts or comments into other languages.

== Description ==

The Google AJAX Translation WordPress plugin provides a quick, simple and light way to add internationalization feature onto your blog.

Be sure to start here:

<a href="">Google AJAX Translation WordPress Plugin V0.2.0</a>


<a href="">Google AJAX Translation WordPress Plugin</a>

In the current version(0.3.*) I only enabled comment translation by default, but you can enable post translation yourself from the admin page. And please keep this in mind: Google Ajax Translate only allow 500 characters right now (March 2008).

== Installation ==

1. Download the plugin archive and expand it (you've likely already done this).
2. Put the 'ajaxtranslation.php' file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory, or put the google-ajax-translation folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click 'Activate' for Google AJAX Translation.
4. Have fun with your blog readers.
5. Change the settings from Setting -> Google Translation Admin Page 

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Please see my blog online:

== Support ==

Have questions or suggestions for this? Perhaps it's already answered or being discussed in the blog:

<a href="">google-ajax-translation-wordpress-plugin</a>

== What's Changed? ==
- .3.1
. fixed some html-bugs (missing alt-Tags, etc.) (Michael Klein)

- .3.0
. encapsulate the plugin in a class. No global vars needed anymore, faster code (Michael Klein)
. Better support of capabilities-model (WP 2.6)

- .2.0
Thanks Michael Klein from for:
. Add Flag ICONs link style
. Add Flag ICONs
Others changes:
Add Admin Configuration Page
. Link Style: Text and Image
. Enable/Disable Post Translation
. Choose languages from the whole list

- .1.1
Small updates:
. Working on Admin/Comments pages too
. Fixed the comment format problem found by Sean

- .1
Initial Release

== Screenshots ==

1. "View this Comment in: " plus 24 languages/flags will show on the bottom of every your blog posts/comments