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from enigma import eServiceCenter, eServiceReference, pNavigation, getBestPlayableServiceReference, iPlayableService
from Components.ParentalControl import parentalControl
from Tools.BoundFunction import boundFunction
from Tools.DreamboxHardware import setFPWakeuptime, getFPWakeuptime, getFPWasTimerWakeup, clearFPWasTimerWakeup
from time import time
import RecordTimer
import SleepTimer
import Screens.Standby
import NavigationInstance
import ServiceReference
# TODO: remove pNavgation, eNavigation and rewrite this stuff in python.
class Navigation:
def __init__(self, nextRecordTimerAfterEventActionAuto=False):
if NavigationInstance.instance is not None:
raise NavigationInstance.instance
NavigationInstance.instance = self
self.ServiceHandler = eServiceCenter.getInstance()
import Navigation as Nav
Nav.navcore = self
self.pnav = pNavigation()
self.event = [ ]
self.record_event = [ ]
self.currentlyPlayingServiceReference = None
self.currentlyPlayingService = None
self.RecordTimer = RecordTimer.RecordTimer()
if getFPWasTimerWakeup():
if getFPWasTimerWakeup(): # sanity check to detect if the FP driver is working correct!
print "buggy fp driver detected!!! please update drivers.... ignore timer wakeup!"
elif nextRecordTimerAfterEventActionAuto and (len(self.getRecordings()) or abs(self.RecordTimer.getNextRecordingTime() - time()) <= 360):
if not Screens.Standby.inTryQuitMainloop: # not a shutdown messagebox is open
RecordTimer.RecordTimerEntry.TryQuitMainloop(False) # start shutdown handling
self.SleepTimer = SleepTimer.SleepTimer()
def dispatchEvent(self, i):
for x in self.event:
if i == iPlayableService.evEnd:
self.currentlyPlayingServiceReference = None
self.currentlyPlayingService = None
def dispatchRecordEvent(self, rec_service, event):
# print "record_event", rec_service, event
for x in self.record_event:
x(rec_service, event)
def playService(self, ref, checkParentalControl = True, forceRestart = False):
oldref = self.currentlyPlayingServiceReference
if ref and oldref and ref == oldref and not forceRestart:
print "ignore request to play already running service(1)"
return 0
print "playing", ref and ref.toString()
if ref is None:
return 0
if not checkParentalControl or parentalControl.isServicePlayable(ref, boundFunction(self.playService, checkParentalControl = False)):
if ref.flags & eServiceReference.isGroup:
if not oldref:
oldref = eServiceReference()
playref = getBestPlayableServiceReference(ref, oldref)
print "playref", playref
if playref and oldref and playref == oldref and not forceRestart:
print "ignore request to play already running service(2)"
return 0
if not playref or (checkParentalControl and not parentalControl.isServicePlayable(playref, boundFunction(self.playService, checkParentalControl = False))):
return 0
playref = ref
if self.pnav and not self.pnav.playService(playref):
self.currentlyPlayingServiceReference = playref
return 0
return 1
def getCurrentlyPlayingServiceReference(self):
return self.currentlyPlayingServiceReference
def recordService(self, ref, simulate=False):
service = None
if not simulate: print "recording service: %s" % (str(ref))
if isinstance(ref, ServiceReference.ServiceReference):
ref = ref.ref
if ref:
if ref.flags & eServiceReference.isGroup:
ref = getBestPlayableServiceReference(ref, eServiceReference(), simulate)
service = ref and self.pnav and self.pnav.recordService(ref, simulate)
if service is None:
print "record returned non-zero"
return service
def stopRecordService(self, service):
ret = self.pnav and self.pnav.stopRecordService(service)
return ret
def getRecordings(self, simulate=False):
return self.pnav and self.pnav.getRecordings(simulate)
def getCurrentService(self):
if not self.currentlyPlayingService:
self.currentlyPlayingService = self.pnav and self.pnav.getCurrentService()
return self.currentlyPlayingService
def stopService(self):
print "stopService"
if self.pnav:
def pause(self, p):
return self.pnav and self.pnav.pause(p)
def shutdown(self):
self.ServiceHandler = None
self.pnav = None
def stopUserServices(self):