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Example libp2p applications
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go-libp2p examples and tutorials

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In this folder, you can find a variety of examples to help you get started in using go-libp2p. Every example as a specific purpose and some of each incorporate a full tutorial that you can follow through, helping you expand your knowledge about libp2p and p2p networks in general.

Let us know if you find any issue or if you want to contribute and add a new tutorial, feel welcome to submit a pr, thank you!

Examples and Tutorials


When building the examples ensure you have a clean $GOPATH. If you have checked out and built other libp2p repos then you may get errors similar to the one below when building the examples. Note that the use of the gx package manager is not required to run the examples or to use libp2p.

$:~/go/src/$ go build host.go 
# command-line-arguments
./host.go:36:18: cannot use priv (type "".PrivKey) as type "gx/ipfs/QmNiJiXwWE3kRhZrC5ej3kSjWHm337pYfhjLGSCDNKJP2s/go-libp2p-crypto".PrivKey in argument to libp2p.Identity:
        "".PrivKey does not implement "gx/ipfs/QmNiJiXwWE3kRhZrC5ej3kSjWHm337pYfhjLGSCDNKJP2s/go-libp2p-crypto".PrivKey (wrong type for Equals method)
                have Equals("".Key) bool
                want Equals("gx/ipfs/QmNiJiXwWE3kRhZrC5ej3kSjWHm337pYfhjLGSCDNKJP2s/go-libp2p-crypto".Key) bool

To obtain a clean $GOPATH execute the following:

> mkdir /tmp/libp2p-examples
> export GOPATH=/tmp/libp2p/examples

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