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Check out the full documentation on

Set of profiles for the networks using LibreMesh used by the firmware builder.

  • Each community profile goes into a directory named as the community.
  • Inside a community profile directory goes the devices profile, also split in directories
  • The files available into community/device/root/ will be copied to the output firmware binary

The expected files to be into this repository are:

  • Customized /etc/config/lime-community
  • Set of scripts to configure/fix/add small specific stuff on the system in /etc/uci-defaults/
  • SSH public keys from the community administrators in /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys
  • Any other stuff you need to customize your own community network firmware

A special file named Makefile have to be placed in the device directory community/device/Makefile, see this file as an example. This file can also be used to include a list of extra packages which will be included in the firmware.