Discovery failing for invalid hostnames even when discovery_by_ip enabled #5525

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==========================================================Component Version
LibreNMS 81bde0b
DB Schema 156
PHP 7.0.14
MySQL 5.5.52-MariaDB
RRDTool 1.4.8

Lots of info on the issue is posted here:

TL;DR; The two devices that are missing are:

    [cdpCacheDeviceId] => DC-NEXUS-5K-H7-2(SSI144007HH)
    [cdpCacheDeviceId] => DC-NEXUS-5K-H7-1(SSI144007GJ)

They are failing to pass this condition in

        if (is_valid_hostname($cdp['cdpCacheDeviceId'])) {

I am thinking it should be changed to something like:

            if (is_valid_hostname($cdp['cdpCacheDeviceId']) || ($config['discovery_by_ip'] == true)) {

I have tested that on my install and will submit patch for this..

@laf laf added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 26, 2017
@towster @laf towster + laf fix: Fix for issue #5525
* Update

Allow invalid hostnames if discovery by IP is true

* Update


* Update


* CDP discovery by IP modification

CDP would not discover devices that had invalid DNS value for cdpCacheDeviceId - modified to accept 
Also exclude adding devices whose hostname matches the IP

* Update

* I agree to the conditions of the Contributor Agreement contained in doc/General/

I agree to the conditions of the Contributor Agreement contained in doc/General/
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