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Type Short Long Description Hint
Option c cache Path to a directory where files will be cached. CACHE
Flag disable-audio-cache Disable caching of the audio data.
Required n name Device name NAME
Option device-type Displayed device type DEVICE_TYPE
Option b bitrate Bitrate (96, 160 or 320). Defaults to 160 BITRATE
Option onevent The path to a script that gets run when one of librespot's events is triggered. PROGRAM
Flag v verbose Enable verbose output PROGRAM
Option u username Username to sign in with USERNAME
Option p password Password PASSWORD
Flag disable-discovery Disable discovery mode
Option backend Audio backend to use. Use '?' to list options BACKEND
Option device Audio device to use. Use '?' to list options (Only with the portaudio/alsa backend) DEVICE
Option mixer Mixer to use (softmixer/alsa) MIXER
Option mixer-name alsa mixer name e.g PCM or Master. Defaults to PCM MIXER_NAME
Option mixer-card alsa mixer card, e.g hw:0 or similar from aplay -l. Defaults to default MIXER_CARD
Option mixer-index alsa mixer index, Index of the cards mixer. Defaults to 0 MIXER_INDEX
Option initial-volume Initial volume in %, once connected [0-100] VOLUME
Flag enable-volume-normalisation Enables volume normalisation for librespot
Option normalisation-pregain A numeric value for pregain (dB). Only used when normalisation active. PREGAIN
Flag linear-volume Enables linear volume scaling instead of logarithmic (default) scaling
Option zeroconf-port The port that the HTTP server advertised on zeroconf will use [1-65535]. Ports <= 1024 may require root priviledges. VOLUME
Option proxy Use a proxy for resolving the access point. Proxy should be an HTTP proxy in the form http://ip:port, and can also be passed using the HTTP_PROXY environment variable.
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