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LibTomCrypt is a fairly comprehensive, modular and portable cryptographic toolkit that provides developers with a vast array of well known published block ciphers, one-way hash functions, chaining modes, pseudo-random number generators, public key cryptography and a plethora of other routines.
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demos minor changes
doc flush content of CVS/SVN tags
notes regen rsa-testvectors
src cygwin related fix - variable name B0 changed to B_0 (part 2)
testprof adapt rsa_test() to modified pkcs#1 decoding routines
.gitignore update gitignore
.travis.yml travis.yml: add test runs without "timing resistance"
Doxyfile added libtomcrypt-1.17
LICENSE after multiple objections of libtom users [1], we decided to change l… add coverity badge
TODO added libtomcrypt-1.17 improve diff parameters
changes added libtomcrypt-1.17 coverage: exclude some folders fix coverity script
crypt.tex ccm: clarify pt and ct parameters in doc and API description mark scripts as executable mark scripts as executable flush content of CVS/SVN tags
libtomcrypt.dsp add hkdf impl pkgconfig: set libdir= to $LIBPATH (for multi-arch)
libtomcrypt_VS2005.sln Added project and solution files for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual St…
libtomcrypt_VS2005.vcproj add hkdf impl
libtomcrypt_VS2008.sln Added project and solution files for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual St…
libtomcrypt_VS2008.vcproj add hkdf impl
makefile create a makefile.include
makefile.icc update makefiles
makefile.include create a makefile.include
makefile.mingw update makefiles
makefile.msvc update makefiles
makefile.shared create a makefile.include
makefile.unix update makefiles mark scripts as executable flush content of CVS/SVN tags printinfo: display version of correct compiler if CC does not point t… flush content of CVS/SVN tags travis: print version information in build scripts add test runs without "timing resistance" trim trailing spaces in mingw makefiles


See doc/crypt.pdf for a detailed documentation

Project Status

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Submitting patches

Please branch off from develop if you want to submit a patch.


Please be aware, that all branches besides master and develop can and will be force-pushed, rebased and/or removed!

If you want to rely on such an unstable branch, create your own fork of this repository to make sure nothing breaks for you.

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