v1.11.0: 2017.02.02, Version 1.11.0 (Stable)

@cjihrig cjihrig tagged this Feb 1, 2017 · 6 commits to v1.x since this tag

Changes since version 1.10.2:

* Now working on version 1.10.3 (cjihrig)

* win: added fcntl.h to uv-win.h (Michele Caini)

* unix: move function call out of assert (jBarz)

* fs: cleanup uv__fs_scandir (Santiago Gimeno)

* fs: fix crash in uv_fs_scandir_next (muflub)

* win,signal: fix potential deadlock (Bartosz Sosnowski)

* unix: use async-signal safe functions between fork and exec (jBarz)

* sunos: fix SUNOS_NO_IFADDRS build (Ben Noordhuis)

* zos: make platform functional (John Barboza)

* doc: add repitition qualifier to version regexs (Daniel Bevenius)

* zos: use gyp OS label "os390" on z/OS (John Barboza)

* aix: enable uv_get/set_process_title (Howard Hellyer)

* zos: use built-in proctitle implementation (John Barboza)

* Revert "darwin: use clock_gettime in macOS 10.12" (Chris Araman)

* win,test: don't write uninitialized buffer to tty (Bert Belder)

* win: define ERROR_ELEVATION_REQUIRED for MinGW (Richard Lau)

* aix: re-enable fs watch facility (Gireesh Punathil)