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No changes from rc3.

The libvips Windows binary contains ALL the file format loaders that libvips supports, including some very minor ones, and a complete copy of ImageMagick. It can process many different file types, but it is also rather vulnerable to hacking.

The build contains only file format loaders that have been carefully tested and which are commonly used on the web. It won't load formats like openslide (for example), but it should be safer to use with untrusted input.

See this blog post for a summary of the new features in 8.8.

Changes since 8.7.4

  • much faster smartcrop [lovell]
  • add low/high to smartcrop [jcupitt]
  • add XMP support to png read/write [jcupitt]
  • deprecate thumbnail auto_rotate, add no_rotate [jcupitt]
  • implement thumbnail shrink-on-load for openslide images [jcupitt]
  • add animated webp support [jcupitt]
  • revise vips_cast() to improve behaviour with uint images [erdmann]
  • add bandand()/or()/eor() to cplusplus binding [clcaalu]
  • implement shrink-on-load for tiff pyramids [jcupitt]
  • added vips_image_set_blob_copy() [jcupitt]
  • don't stop composite on first non-transparent image [felixbuenemann, GDmac]
  • add vips_rect_overlapsrect()
  • composite is much faster at positioning subimages
  • stop tiff pyr layers if width or height drop to 1 [gvincke]
  • dzsave has a new skip_blanks option
  • add vips_CMYK2XYZ() and vips_XYZ2CMYK(), plus associated routes
  • include cmyk and srgb fallback profiles
  • add vips_profile_load() and use it everywhere
  • fix race in temp filename creation [lhecker]
  • add @reduction_effort param to webpsave [lovell]
  • add @option_string param to thumbnail_buffer [kleisauke]
  • add XMP, IPCT, ICC, EXIF etc. support to magickload/magicksave
  • much lower memuse for gifload
  • tilecache speedups
  • add vips_heifload(), vips_heifsave()
  • add heif thumbnail support to vips_thumbnail()
  • free threadpool earlier, reducing mem growth for some long-running processes [jtorresfabra]
  • add vips_region_fetch() / _width() / _height() for language bindings
  • vips_text() supports justification
  • move vips_image_set_kill() and iskilled() to the public API
  • dzsave to szi sets suffix correctly [martinweihrauch]
  • dzsave szi writes "scan-properties.xml"
  • add vips_image_(get|set)_image()
  • add openslideload option to attach all associated images as metadata
  • dzsave to szi will write all associated images
  • remove old c++ and python interfaces
  • vipsthumbnail can thumbnail animated and multipage images
  • much better Windows build [kleisauke]