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Database data for development on lichess-org/lila

This will get you the bare minimum of puzzles and game data:

mongorestore dump


Use spamdb to fully populate your database:

python3.9+ is required. If you don't have python3, use your package manager or the downloads page to install it, then install the necessary packages:

python -m ensurepip --upgrade
# not strictly necessary but recommended, use a virtual environment
python3 -m venv venv --upgrade-deps && source venv/bin/activate
# install required packages
pip3 install -r spamdb/requirements.txt

The lila-db-seed/spamdb/ script will generate semi-realistic dummy data that is useful for testing and makes your dev instance a lot more colorful. Usage help:

spamdb/ --help

Usually, the script will generate a new set of data from inputs in the provided arguments as well as the spamdb/data directory. This data will be merged into your running mongodb instance at by default. To customize connection details use the --uri argument. Set the password for your users with the --password flag (otherwise they will default to "password"). Set the default background in user prefs with --user-bg (default is dark mode, use 400 for transparency). For other options see --help.

Use --su-password to give the special (admin) users different passwords than the default if your dev instance will be exposed to others.

Special users:

  • superadmin - ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN # check out the mod UI if you haven't seen it, very cool!
  • admin - ROLE_ADMIN
  • shusher - ROLE_SHUSHER
  • hunter - ROLE_CHEAT_HUNTER
  • api - ROLE_API_HOG (this guy is useful for api testing, both server and clients)
  • troll - marked as troll
  • bot0 thru bot9 - marked as bot
  • kid - they're just children, how could you checkmate children?
  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - 20 W's in visible username, WGM title, and a patron to test ui for extremely wide usernames.

Normal users:

The normal users have all the data. This includes notifications, ratings, follows, game histories, activity, timelines, blogs, forums, teams, tournaments. See the full list in spamdb/data/uids.txt


Minimum database data for development on ornicar/lila



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