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flynd commented Sep 2, 2011

Sometimes I find that all ICQ contacts in my contact list are offline. This seems to happen when Licq reconnects to the server.

20:33:16: [SRV] Server is going to disconnect/pause. Lets reconnect to another one.
20:33:16: [SRV] Logging off.
20:33:16: [SRV] Connecting to login server.
20:33:16: [SRV] Resolving port 5190...
20:33:16: [SRV] ICQ server found at
20:33:16: [SRV] Opening socket to server.
20:33:17: [SRV] Got Name Info from Server
20:33:17: [SRV] UIN: 6098xxxx Evil: 0000
20:33:17: [SRV] Server says we are at
20:33:17: [SRV] Server says we're now: Online

During normal login, the next thing printed in the network log is status changes for the contacts, but when this problem occurs I get no status updates.

When this has happened it seems I also appear as offline to other contacts.
Sending messages (through the server) works and typing notification works both ways but I stay "offline" and I cannot see which of my contacts are online.

Manually going offline and then online again resolves the problem. No restart is required.

I don't know if problem occurs every time Licq reconnects to a new server or just sometimes. Problem occurs maybe once per week.

Originally reported 2008-11-06 as trac ticket #1654.

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