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An instant messaging client for UNIX
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aosd Merge branch '1.8-stable'
auto-reply auto-reply: Use Licq::Exec to run commands
build-all Added option to disable building one or several plugins
dbus Fix memory leak in d-tor
icq icq: Drop support for sending SMS
jabber jabber: Restore support for gloox 1.0
licq icq: Drop support for sending SMS
licqweb Update version for Licq 1.9.0-dev
msn Merge branch '1.8-stable'
osd Rename plugin to qt-gui
qt-gui qt-gui: fix translation building (closes #45)
rms icq: Drop support for sending SMS
scripts Rename plugin to qt-gui
.gitignore Ignore *~ and build/
.travis.yml qt-gui: fix translation building (closes #45)
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