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MagTool lives on as MagStriper!

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MagTool is software for magnetic stripe readers & writers. The tools that ship with most magnetic stripe readers, writers, and encoders are generally Windows-only and pretty crufty. MagTool provides a simple, intuitive interface to MSR206-compatible devices. The software features read, write, duplicate, and erase support for MSR206-compatible readers and writers (including MSRW MSR606, MSR505C, MSR106, MSR406, MSR210, MSR210U, and others).

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher
  • Serial or USB interface on the device
  • Drivers are required to expose the serial interface. USB drivers for some devices are available directly from Prolific

Known issues

  • Erase operation locks up GUI until operation is complete
  • Read operation does yet recognize non-ISO formats, despite what the UI says
  • Raw formats are not working yet
  • No documentation


MagTool is software for magnetic stripe readers & writers.



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