PHP library for creating Office Open XML documents (MSword docx files)
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PHP Open Doc

A PHP library for creating "Office Open XML" documents which are compatible with Microsoft Word 2007+ (docx format). Documents may also be saved as simple XML structures. The XML output could be read by other XML consumers or used in XSLT tranformations.

Development Status

This library is in early development but can produce working Word 2007 "docx" documents. The XML writer also works but the structure of the XML may change a few times before I finalize its structure. Right now its a hybrid of XHTML and WordML that I used for testing purposes (however, most of my testing is now done with the Word2007 writer). The XML writer has fallen behind slightly and doesn't support some of the newer elements.


I needed a non-windows solution for creating Word documents ("docx" files) and got tired of existing libraries. Mainly because of lack of support, limited API, or bugs. So I started work on this project. I wasn't sure what name to give it, so for now "PHP Open Doc" will suffice, but may change in the future.

I wanted a library that gave me a clear and easy API to create documents using a proper object oriented interface and that offered flexibility with more than one way to do certain things. I also wanted the API to be have fully automated unit tests and have as close to 100% code coverage as possible (right now I'm finding it hard to write any tests for the Writer classes).



  • Save as MSWord "docx" file (WordML)
  • Save as plain XML
  • Easy and flexible Object Orientented API
  • Ever growing list of supported document Elements:
    • Bookmark
    • Br (break)
    • Field (dynamic text like automatic page numbers)
    • Header/Footer
    • Image
    • ListItems (bulleted/numbered lists)
    • Paragraph
    • Table
    • Text
  • Property "bubbling." Put simply: Properties on an element will bubble up to their parent, as needed.
  • ... place awesomesauce here ...


Note: The API is still unstable but I'm almost at the point where I don't expect the user visible API to change much from what the examples show below.

Simple Document

use PHPDOC\Document;
use PHPDOC\Document\Writer;
use PHPDOC\Element\Paragraph;
use PHPDOC\Element\Text;
use PHPDOC\Element\Image;

$doc = new Document;
$sec = $doc->addSection();
$sec[] = new Paragraph(array(
    'The quick brown fox ...',
    new Text('This sentence is bolded.', array('bold' => true))),
    'Here is an image: ',
    new Image('/path/to/fox.png')
$sec[] = "This is another sentence, inside separate paragraph.";
$sec[] = new Text("Here is one more that is green...", array('color' => '00DD00'));

$sec[] = "Here is a basic list:";
$sec[] = ListItems::create()
    ->item("Item 1")
    ->item("Item 2");

// The Section variable is not just a normal array
$sec->set("Just another sentence");

// Header/footers work just like Section's and can contain any 
// block level content like paragraphs, tables and images.
$head = $sec->addHeader();
$head[] = "My Header";

Writer\Word2007::saveDocument($doc, 'ex_simple.docx');


Simple Table

use PHPDOC\Document;
use PHPDOC\Document\Writer;
use PHPDOC\Element\Text;
use PHPDOC\Element\Table;

$doc = new Document;
$sec = $doc->addSection();

// The Table class makes it very easy to create very
// complex table structures including nested tables.
$sec[] = Table::create()
        ->cell( new Text("Formatted...", array('b' => true)) )
                ->cell('nested table cell inside R2C1')

Writer\Word2007::saveDocument($doc, 'ex_table.docx');