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Lightning Terminal (LiT)


Lightning Terminal (LiT) is a browser-based interface for managing channel liquidity.



  • Visualize your channels and balances
  • Perform submarine swaps via the Lightning Loop service
  • Classify channels according to your node's operating mode
  • Run a single binary that integrates loopd, poold and faraday daemons all in one
  • Access a preview release of the Pool UI
  • Use Pool to earn sats by opening channels to those needing inbound liquidity


Download the latest binaries from the releases page.

Additionally, you can find detailed instructions on the page.


Run Lightning Terminal with a local lnd instance:

⛰  ./litd --uipassword=UP48lm4Vjqxy<change_this_or_you_will_get_robbed>

Visit https://localhost:8443 to access Terminal.

Note that a password with a minimum of 8 characters is required to run Lightning Terminal. In a production environment, it's recommended that you store this password as an environment variable to avoid it being recorded in the command history.

To use LiT with a remote lnd instance please follow these instructions. If you would like to replace your existing LND instance with the one integrated within LiT please see configuring Terminal.


Note that LiT requires lnd to be built with all of its subservers and requires running at least v0.11.0. Download the latest official release binary or build lnd from source by following the installation instructions. If you choose to build lnd from source, use the following command to enable all the relevant subservers:

⛰  make install tags="signrpc walletrpc chainrpc invoicesrpc"


If you plan to run LiT on a remote machine but access the web-interface from your computer you may not want to deal with self-signed certificate browser warnings. To avoid these warnings configure the HTTP server to use a certificate from Let's Encrypt. View the Let's Encrypt Configuration doc for instructions on how to configure this.


If you used command line arguments with previous versions then you don't need to change anything when upgrading.

To upgrade from v0.1.1-alpha or earlier simply create a lit.conf file in your LiT directory. The default location LiT uses depends on your operating system:

  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Lit/lit.conf
  • Linux: ~/.lit/lit.conf
  • Windows: ~/AppData/Roaming/Lit/lit.conf

Move all the configuration settings specific to LiT from lnd.conf to lit.conf and remove any previous LiT-specific customizations from the configuration settings in lnd.conf. Note that any section headers ([ Example ]) in lit.conf should be removed or changed to comments (# Example).


Read the walkthrough document to learn more about how to use LiT.


If you encounter any issues please see our troubleshooting guide.

Build from source

If you’d prefer to compile from source code please follow these instructions.


Full Lightning Terminal functionality can be dependent on running a certain version of lnd. View the table below to ensure that you run the correct version of lnd with the relevant litd release.

This version compatibility dependency is only relevant for running remote mode litd. The bundled version will always come with the correct, compatible versioning.

v0.8.0-alpha v0.15.1-beta
v0.7.1-alpha v0.14.3-beta
v0.7.0-alpha v0.14.3-beta
v0.6.7-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.6-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.5-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.4-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.3-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.2-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.1-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.6.0-alpha v0.13.3-beta
v0.5.2-alpha v0.12.0-beta
v0.5.1-alpha v0.12.0-beta
v0.5.0-alpha v0.12.0-beta
v0.4.1-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.4.0-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.3.4-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.3.3-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.3.2-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.3.1-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.3.0-alpha v0.11.1-beta
v0.2.0-alpha v0.11.0-beta

LiT offers two main operating modes, one in which lnd is running inside the LiT process (called "lnd integrated mode", set by lnd-mode=integrated config option) and one in which lnd is running in a standalone process on the same or remote machine (called "lnd remote mode", set by lnd-mode=remote config option).

In addition to those main modes, the individual bundled daemons (Faraday, Loop and Pool) can be toggled to be integrated or remote as well. This offers a large number of possible configuration combinations, of which not all are fully supported due to technical reasons.

The following table shows the supported combinations:

lnd-mode=integrated lnd-mode=remote
faraday-mode=integrated X X
loop-mode=integrated X X
pool-mode=integrated X X
faraday-mode=remote X
loop-mode=remote X
pool-mode=remote X
lnd running in "stateless init" mode X

Daemon Versions packaged with LiT

LiT LND Loop Faraday Pool
v0.8.0-alpha v0.15.1-beta v0.20.1-beta v0.2.8-alpha v0.5.8-alpha
v0.7.1-alpha v0.15.0-beta v0.19.1-beta v0.2.8-alpha v0.5.7-alpha
v0.7.0-alpha v0.15.0-beta v0.19.1-beta v0.2.8-alpha v0.5.7-alpha
v0.6.7-alpha v0.14.3-beta v0.18.0-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.6-alpha
v0.6.6-alpha v0.14.3-beta v0.18.0-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.6-alpha
v0.6.5-alpha v0.14.2-beta v0.15.1-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.5-alpha
v0.6.4-alpha v0.14.2-beta v0.15.1-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.4-alpha
v0.6.3-alpha v0.14.2-beta v0.15.1-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.4-alpha
v0.6.2-alpha v0.14.1-beta v0.15.1-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.4-alpha
v0.6.1-alpha v0.14.1-beta v0.15.1-beta v0.2.7-alpha v0.5.2-alpha
v0.5.3-alpha v0.13.3-beta v0.14.1-beta v0.2.6-alpha v0.5.0-alpha
v0.5.2-alpha v0.13.3-beta v0.14.1-beta v0.2.6-alpha v0.5.0-alpha
v0.5.1-alpha v0.13.0-beta v0.14.1-beta v0.2.6-alpha v0.5.0-alpha
v0.5.0-alpha v0.13.0-beta v0.14.1-beta v0.2.6-alpha v0.5.0-alpha
v0.4.1-alpha v0.12.1-beta v0.11.4-beta v0.2.3-alpha v0.4.4-alpha
v0.4.0-alpha v0.12.0-beta v0.11.2-beta v0.2.3-alpha v0.4.3-alpha
v0.3.4-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.11.2-beta v0.2.2-alpha v0.3.4-alpha
v0.3.3-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.11.2-beta v0.2.2-alpha v0.3.4-alpha
v0.3.2-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.11.1-beta v0.2.2-alpha v0.3.4-alpha
v0.3.1-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.11.1-beta v0.2.2-alpha v0.3.3-alpha
v0.3.0-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.11.0-beta v0.2.2-alpha v0.3.2-alpha
v0.2.0-alpha v0.11.1-beta v0.10.0-beta v0.2.1-alpha n/a
v0.1.1-alpha v0.11.0-beta v0.8.1-beta v0.2.0-alpha n/a
v0.1.0-alpha v0.10.3-beta v0.6.5-beta v0.2.0-alpha n/a