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package lnwire
import (
// mSatScale is a value that's used to scale satoshis to milli-satoshis, and
// the other way around.
const mSatScale uint64 = 1000
// MilliSatoshi are the native unit of the Lightning Network. A milli-satoshi
// is simply 1/1000th of a satoshi. There are 1000 milli-satoshis in a single
// satoshi. Within the network, all HTLC payments are denominated in
// milli-satoshis. As milli-satoshis aren't deliverable on the native
// blockchain, before settling to broadcasting, the values are rounded down to
// the nearest satoshi.
type MilliSatoshi uint64
// NewMSatFromSatoshis creates a new MilliSatoshi instance from a target amount
// of satoshis.
func NewMSatFromSatoshis(sat btcutil.Amount) MilliSatoshi {
return MilliSatoshi(uint64(sat) * mSatScale)
// ToBTC converts the target MilliSatoshi amount to its corresponding value
// when expressed in BTC.
func (m MilliSatoshi) ToBTC() float64 {
sat := m.ToSatoshis()
return sat.ToBTC()
// ToSatoshis converts the target MilliSatoshi amount to satoshis. Simply, this
// sheds a factor of 1000 from the mSAT amount in order to convert it to SAT.
func (m MilliSatoshi) ToSatoshis() btcutil.Amount {
return btcutil.Amount(uint64(m) / mSatScale)
// String returns the string representation of the mSAT amount.
func (m MilliSatoshi) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v mSAT", uint64(m))
// TODO(roasbeef): extend with arithmetic operations?