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A project to make GWT localization available on server side
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You can use LocaleFactory.get(Class<T extends LocalizableResource> cls) to obtain Messages, Constants or ConstantsWithLookup both on server and client side.


Add I18nFilter to web.xml or use ThreadLocalLocaleProvider.pushLocale(Locale) with ThreadLocalLocaleProvider.popLocale() to manually set thread-local locale.

Also there are a couple of additional server-only features like MessagesWithLookup interface and encoding proxies, which allow you to use localization in a more dynamic way.

Note: Unfortunately GWT-specific message formats (described here) are currently not supported except for the "static argument" format ({startBold,<b>}).


Add <inherits name="net.lightoze.gwt.i18n.GwtI18nServer"/> to your GWT XML module descriptor.

Call LocaleFactory.put(MyMessages.class, GWT.<MyMessages>create(MyMessages.class)) in your EntryPoint.

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This artifact contains a copy of package from GWT distribution, so you don't have to deploy the whole GWT library on the server. In case you want only gwt-i18n-server classes, use an artifact with original classifier.

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