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JavaScript, with cleaned-up syntax and a few conveniences.
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A close superset of ES7 with JSX and Flow, built with Babel. Designed to make programmers a little more productive.

See for example code and language reference documentation. A quick taste:

Item({ item, isActive }) =>
  className = if isActive: 'active' else: 'inactive'

  <li className={className}>

Come hang out in the gitter chatroom, where contributors can help you get started and answer any questions.

Language Features

In addition to all all ES7, JSX, and Flow features:

  • (Optional) Significant Indentation
  • Implicit Returns
  • If Expressions
  • Auto const
  • Async/Await shorthand
  • Safe-Await
  • Readable Operators (or, and, ==, etc)
  • Bound Methods
  • Commaless Objects and Arrays
  • Automatic Semicolon Insertion that always works
  • Array Comprehensions
  • Object Comprehensions
  • Array-based for-loops
  • Object-based for-loops
  • a few others

Reference documentation is available at, or in Markdown format here. Tests for all features can be seen here and here.

Project Structure

"LightScript" is split across multiple repos:

For now, the issue tracker on this repo should be used for bug reports and feature requests.

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