Emulating DMA Engines on GPUs for Performance and Portability
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The CudaDMA website can be found here.

The CudaDMA library is a collection of DMA objects that support efficient movement of data between off-chip global memory and on-chip shared memory in CUDA kernels. CudaDMA objects support many different data transfer patterns including sequential, strided, gather, scatter, and halo patterns. CudaDMA objects provide both productivity and performance improvements in CUDA code:

  • CudaDMA objects incorporate optimizations designed to fully utilize the underlying hardware and maximize memory bandwidth performance
  • CudaDMA objects improve programmability by decoupling the declaration of a data transfer from its implementation.

By handling the data-movement challenges on GPUs, CudaDMA makes it easier both to write CUDA code and achieve high performance.

CudaDMA is released under the Apache License version 2.0.