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Lightspark's version of Wine's AppDB

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Lightspark Application Database
    Timon Van Overveldt <>

This application is based on the original work on WineHQ's Application Database.

The main differences are accomodating limited features available in
SourceForge's Project Web:
    - no sending of mail (see incl/queuemail.php)
    - no memcached (see incl/session_db.php)

Besides these changes the branding is different and some features are omitted/replaced.

#==========================ORIGINAL README===============================#

WineHQ Application Database
    Jeremy Newman <>
    Charles Leop <>
    Paul van Schayck <>
    Chris Morgan <>
    Tony Lambregts <>
    Jonathan Ernst <>

To install locally for testing/hacking:

# Symlink from /var/www to the appdb directory

# Copy include/config.php.sample to include/config.php

# Edit include/config.php as you see fit, the default name of the database 
  used in the table creation step below is "apidb", you'll have to modify 
  these files if you change this in config.php
  # NOTE: You must update the APPDB_ROOT entry to be YOUR url to the application database
          If this the APPDB_ROOT isn't correct your urls will point to the wrong pages.

  # NOTE: if you've changed the name of the database by changing the define of
    'APPS_DB' in include/config.php you'll have to modify the 'create database' and 'use'
    entries in pretty much every file in the /tables/ directory. The recommendation is to
    leave the default value of APPS_DB to keep things simple

# 'cd tables', run './create_tables' to create the database tables

# Look in include/config.php at the 'APPS_DBUSER' and 'APPS_DBPASS' defines. 
  Ensure that this user and password exist in your mysql users list and that this user
  has been granted 'SELECT', 'INSERT', 'UPDATE' and 'DELETE' privileges on the database
  defined by the value of 'APPS_DB' in include/config.php

# Try to open up localhost/appdb, if you get a directory listing
  Edit your /etc/apache/httpd.conf "DirectoryIndex" to include index.php 
  so apache will open index.php after not finding index.html/index.htm etc

# Also ensure these options in /etc/apache/php.ini:
   register_globals 0
   short_open_tag 0
   register_long_arrays 0
   magic_quotes_gpc 0
 Or ensure your appdb directory has AllowOverride' set to 'All' inside 
 httpd.conf to let .htaccess set these settings.
# An AppDB admin user has been automatically created while running 
  the create_tables script
  email: admin@localhost
  password: testing
  You should change the password as soon as possible!

You can either set up a real bugzilla database or a fake one 
# cd tables, run ./create_bugzilla_tables to create the fake bugzilla tables
# or installing a real bugzilla database (hope this helps)
# download buzilla  (password for cvs is cvs)

cd /var/www/html
cvs login
cvs -z 0 checkout bugzilla

# change directory to bugzilla and change the group ownership to apache.

cd bugzilla
chgrp -R apache .
chmod -R g+rX .

# change to su and run ./ and fix up what it finds wrong.
# this may take several runs 


# in the /etc/httpd/conf/hppt.conf file find "AddHandler cgi-script .cgi" and add the following.

<Directory "/var/www/html/bugzilla">
Options ExecCGI
AllowOverride Limit
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

# edit local config as necessary to allow access.
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