Serializes HTML tables into JSON objects.
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jQuery plugin to serialize HTML tables into javascript objects.



  • Automatically finds column headings
    • Override found column headings by using data-override="overridden column name"
    • Always uses first row as column headings regardless of th and td tags
  • Override cell values column names by using data-override="new value"
  • Ignorable columns
  • Not confused by nested tables
  • Works with rowspan and colspan


  • ignoreColumns
    • Array of column indexes to ignore.
    • Default: []
  • onlyColumns
    • Array of column indexes to include, all other columns are ignored. This takes presidence over ignoreColumns when provided.
    • Default: null - all columns
  • ignoreHiddenRows
    • Boolean if hidden rows should be ignored or not.
    • Default: true
  • ignoreEmptyRows
    • Boolean if empty rows should be ignored or not.
    • Default: false
  • headings
    • Array of table headings to use. When supplied, treats entire table as values including the first <tr>
    • Default: null
  • allowHTML
    • Boolean if HTML tags in table cells should be preserved
    • Default: false
  • includeRowId
    • Either a boolean or a string. If true, the the id attribute on the table's <tr> elements will be included in the JSON as rowId. To override the name rowId, supply a string of the name you would like to use.
    • Default: false
  • textDataOverride
    • String containing data-attribute which contains data which overrides the text contained within the table cell
    • Default: 'data-override'
  • textExtractor

    • Function : function that is used on all tbody cells to extract text from the cells; a value in data-override will prevent this function from being called. Example:

        textExtractor : function(cellIndex, $cell) {
          // get text from the span inside table cells;
          // if empty or non-existant, get the cell text
          return $cell.find('span').text() || $cell.text();
    • Object : object containing a zero-based cell index (this does not take colspan cells into account!) of the table; a value in data-override will prevent this function from being called. Example:

        textExtractor : {
          0 : function(cellIndex, $cell) {
            return $cell.find('em').text();
          1 : function(cellIndex, $cell) {
            return $cell.find('span').text();
    • Default: null


<table id='example-table'>
      <th>First Name</th>
      <th>Last Name</th>
      <th data-override="Score">Points</th></tr>
      <td data-override="disqualified">50</td></tr>

<script type="text/javascript">
  // Basic Usage
  var table = $('#example-table').tableToJSON();
  // table == [{"First Name"=>"Jill", "Last Name"=>"Smith", "Score"=>"disqualified"},
  //           {"First Name"=>"Eve", "Last Name"=>"Jackson", "Score"=>"94"},
  //           {"First Name"=>"John", "Last Name"=>"Doe", "Score"=>"80"},
  //           {"First Name"=>"Adam", "Last Name"=>"Johnson", "Score"=>"67"}]

  // Ignore first column (name)
  var table = $('#example-table').tableToJSON({
        ignoreColumns: [0]
  // table == [{"Last Name"=>"Smith", "Score"=>"disqualified"},
  //           {"Last Name"=>"Jackson", "Score"=>"94"},
  //           {"Last Name"=>"Doe", "Score"=>"80"},
  //           {"Last Name"=>"Johnson", "Score"=>"67"}]


  • Install Node.js.
    • this will also the npm package manager.
  • run npm install from app root directory.
    • This installs grunt and other dependencies See package.json for a full list.
  • run npm install -g grunt-cli.
  • run grunt to run tests and create a new build in /lib.
  • Make the changes you want.
  • Make tests for the changes.
  • Submit a pull request, please submit to the develop branch.

Looking for a server-side solution?

Colin Tremblay is working on a PHP implementation at HTML-Table-To-JSON

Special Thanks

  • imamathwiz for adding allowHTML option and various other changes.
  • nenads for adding headings option.
  • Mottie for adding rowspan & colspan support. Also adding the textExtractor & dataOverride feature!
  • station384 for adding includeRowId support.
  • dayAlone for adding ignoreEmptyRows option.
  • danielapsmaior for discovering and fixing a rowspan & colspan bug.