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Symfony Techtalk Edition

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This is a fork of the Symfony Standard Edition that adds various Bundles and configuration options that I use for demo purposes.

You can read the original here:

Installation instructions:

After cloning make sure to switch to the techtalk branch

git checkout techtalk

Then follow the installation instructions at the above url.

As a reminder, make sure to ensure that the app/cache and app/logs directories are write-able for the web server (and also for the CLI):

Please also make the web dir writeable if you want to try out the LiipImagineBundle.

Install the FOSUserBundle schema:

app/console doctrine:schema:create

And the PHPCR Doctrine DBAL schema:

app/console doctrine:phpcr:init:dbal
app/console doctrine:phpcr:repository:init

List of additional bundles and libs:

* doctrine-phpcr-odm, jackalope, jackalope-doctrine-dbal, phpcr, phpcr-utils

* DoctrinePHPCRBundle
* DoctrineFixturesBundle

* FOSUserBundle
* FOSRestBundle
* FOSHttpCacheBundle

* LiipContainerWrapperBundle
* LiipHelloBundle
* LiipHyphenatorBundle (and OrgHeiglHyphenator)
* LiipThemeBundle
* LiipImagineBundle (and imagine lib)
* LiipFunctionalTestBundle
* LiipMonitorBundle
* LiipCodeBundle
* LiipSearchBundle
* LiipTranslationBundle

* JMSSerializerBundle

* NelmioApiDocBundle

* IncenteevParameterHandler

Example URLs to call:

HTML output: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/foo

JSON output: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/foo.json

XML output: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/foo.xml

Redirect to the '_welcome' route: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello

JSON (actually JSON-LD) output using a custom serialization handler: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/serializer.json XML output using a custom serialization handler: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/serializer.xml

Requires PHPCR ODM and Jackrabbit to be installed: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/phpcr/bar

Using a parameter converter (after calling the previous url): http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/phpcr/convert/bar

Using the SensioFrameworkExtraBundle together with the RestBundle view layer: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/extra/foo

Using the SensioFrameworkExtraBundle together with the RestBundle view layer outputting json: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/extra/foo.json

Using the SensioFrameworkExtraBundle together with the RestBundle view layer to redirect to the '_welcome' route: http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/extra

Using the FOSRestBundle routing generation http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/rest/articles http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/rest/article http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/rest/articles/new

Using the FOSRestBundle ExceptionController http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/exception.html

Using the FOSRestBundle to handle a failed validation http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/validation_failure.json

Using the FOSRestBundle to handle a jsonp request http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/jsonp?callback=lala

Using the LiipHyphenatorBundle http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hyphenator

Using a custom handler with FOSRestBundle to generate RSS http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/customHandler.rss

Using the LiipImagineBundle http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/imagine

Using the NelmioApiDocBundle http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/api/doc/ http://symfony-standard.lo/app_dev.php/liip/hello/rest/articles?_doc=1