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Liip Styleguide

A living documentation of the components used, essentially, on The goal of this documentation is to illustrate all the elements available and therefor have an overview of the style and behavior of the interface of the website.

For more information about this project, visit

Project setup

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Run npm install to install dependencies
  2. Run npm start to start the development server

Go to localhost:3000.

Build a static version

npm run build

Webpack bundle files in the dist folder which is then copied over to the build folder where Fractal exports the documentation. We have two different folder to be able to include dist within the npm package while ignoring the build.

Release a new version

Bump the version in package.json, update the Changelog, build, commit, tag, push, publish to npm repository and deploy automatically:

npm run release

Package lives at Documentation is deployed to


Commit guidelines

Follow the Angular commit guidelines to help generating a clean and readable Changelog.


Use issues to report anything, from bugs to feature requests.


To contribute to this project, open a pull request.

If you make changes in the JavaScript, setup EsLint in your editor or run npm run lint to ensure consistency.

You might be interested in the coding standards applied to this project.