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A python script I use to display the OF documentation about an OF keyword directly in my web browser, from my code editor, with a single keyboard shortcut.
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OpenFrameworks Documentation shortcut


This python 2.7 script can help you to jump directly from your text editor to the OF documentation.

Usage example ( Qt Creator / Windows 7 )

  • Select an OF keyword (a global function name, a class name, or a method of a class)

Qt Creator Example Image 1

  • Call the script, with the menu or a keyboard shortcut ( Ctrl-Alt-O in this case )

Qt Creator Example Image 2

This lead you to the right documentation entry in your web browser:

Documentation view Image

  • If the keyword is a method of a class, and if many classes have a method with this name, a window popup to choose the class:

Qt Creator Example Image 3

Selection Popup Image

Choose the class, and press Enter (or Escape to cancel). This will display the documentation for the method of this class.


You need to have Python 2.7 installed.

Tested with OF 0.10.0 - Windows 7


Copy these files somewhere, for example C:\Users\username\Documents\of\Doc shortcut\0.9.3

  • of.ico
  • of.xbm
  • and the index folder

Files installation Image

You should be able to use the tool with a command line to find an OF keyword in the online documentation:

Command line Usage Image

This should open your web browser pointed to the right place, the ofSetColor documentation.

Documentation view Image

  • If this doesn't work, read the documentation at the beginning of
  • If the command output is "Item not found in the documentation", perhaps you need to generate the index for your current OF version. In this case read the beginning of, and use it to generate the index.

You can manually change the base URL for the documentation, for example to use a local copy of the documentation rather than the online documentation. Just edit to set the OF documentation URL:

Paths setup Image

Editor configuration

You can now configure your code editor to use the script and be able to show you the documentation for a selected keyword.

Here's an example for Qt Creator 3.6.1, but this should work with any editor which allow to run shell commands.

First, add the script in the Tools menu:

Qt Creator Setup 1 Image

Qt Creator Setup 2 Image

Qt Creator Setup 3 Image

You can if you want assign a keyboard shortcut to this new tool:

Qt Creator Setup 4 Image

Qt Creator Setup 5 Image

You can now select an OF keyword (a global function or a class name), and see its documentation with this tool.

Qt Creator Example Image 1

Invoque the tool either by the menu or its keyboard shortcut:

Qt Creator Example Image 2

This lead you to the right documentation entry in your web browser:

Documentation view Image

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