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Yandex.Market YML generator. An extension for Yii framework.

It supports output to a file or browser and uses XMLWriter as xml engine.

For generating xml data you need to create your own generator class and implement four methods:

  • shopInfo()
  • currencies()
  • categories()
  • offers()

For example:

Your config/main.php:


// application components
        // create file in DOCUMENT_ROOT directory

Your component file:

class MyYmlGenerator extends YmlGenerator {

protected function shopInfo() {
  return array(

protected function currencies() {

  $currencies = ...;
  foreach($currencies as $currecy) {

protected function categories() {
  $categories = ...;
  foreach($categories as $category) {

  protected function offers() {
    $offers = ...;
    foreach($offers as $offer) {
      $this->addOffer($id,$data, $params, $available, $type, $bid, $cbid);


Run generator:

 $generator = Yii::app()->ymlGenerator;

Description of add* methods you can find in YmlGenerator.php.

More about YML see: