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Cycript real-time classdump . An alternative for encrypted binaries
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limneos Added 64bit support, fixed several errors.
weak_classdump_bundle on large bundles may cause high memory usage and crash. Use classdump_dyld for mass-dumping instead.
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A Cycript script that generates a header file for the class passed to the function.

Most useful when you cannot classdump , when binaries are encrypted etc.

Usage examples :

root# cycript -p Skype; cycript -p Skype
'Added weak_classdump to "Skype" (1685)'

cy# UIApp
"<HellcatApplication: 0x1734e0>"

cy# weak_classdump(HellcatApplication);
"Wrote file to /tmp/HellcatApplication.h"

cy# UIApp.delegate
"<SkypeAppDelegate: 0x194db0>"

cy# weak_classdump(SkypeAppDelegate,"/someDirWithWriteAccess/");
"Wrote file to /someDirWithWriteAccess/SkypeAppDelegate.h"
root# cycript -p iapd; cycript -p iapd
'Added weak_classdump to "iapd" (1127)'

cy# weak_classdump(IAPPortManager)
"Wrote file to /tmp/IAPPortManager.h"

Thanks to Ryan Petrich , you can now use weak_classdump_bundle to dump all headers within a bundle.

root# cycript -p MobilePhone; cycript -p MobilePhone
'Added weak_classdump to "MobilePhone" (385)'

#cy weak_classdump_bundle([NSBundle mainBundle],"/tmp/MobilePhone")

by Elias Limneos


email: iphone (at) limneos (dot) net

twitter: @limneos


Thanks to Ryan Petrich, currently no issues.


weak_classdump is open source. Feel free to help improving it if you like.


weak_classdump works under Cycript. Visit for more info.

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