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aerogear-controller PoC

NOTE: as this is a poc, it isn't production ready, missing validations, null checks, corner cases - so please don't be picky, focus on the concepts:

how to create a new project

basic use case

  1. add the maven dependency

  2. create a pojo controller

     public class Home {
         public void index() {
  3. create a Java class containing the routes (must extend AbstractRoutingModule)

     public class Routes extends AbstractRoutingModule {
     public void configuration() {
  4. create a jsp page at /WEB-INF/pages/<Controller Class Name>/<method>.jsp

     <!-- /WEB-INF/pages/Home/index.jsp -->
             <p>hello from index!</p>

parameter population

You can use immutable beans straight away as controller parameters:

    public class Store {
        public Car save(Car car) {
            return car;

This can be populated by putting a route to it (preferrably via post, of course)


And you can use a simple html form for it, by just following the convention:

        <input type="text" name="car.color"/>
        <input type="text" name="car.brand"/>

The car object will be automatically populated with the provided values - note that it supports deep linking, so this would work fine too:

        <input type="text" name="car.brand.owner"/>

All the intermediate objects are created automatically.

you can find a slightly better example at