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Play videos from the Swedish channel 4
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Home Assistant TV4 Play

Play tv4 play programs on home assistant media players.

Currently, only tv4_play.play_suggested is available, but the plan is to add more services.


Add the code

Copy the custom_components/tv4_play folder in this repository to <home assistant config>/custom_components/tv4_play

Active the service



to your configuration.yaml file.

Use in automations

And then add the automation you want:

- alias:
  # Some trigger
  - service: tv4_play.play_suggested
    entity_id: media_player.living_room_tv
      program_name: nyhetsmorgon

Get the program_name field

  1. Search an click on the program you want at
  2. From the url, grab the name. It should be right after program/

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