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A Gradle plugin to achieve feature flag based development for Android applications.
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Gradle Plugin Portal

A Gradle plugin to achieve feature flag based development for Android applications.


This plugin generates feature flags from a property file to achieve feature flag based development. The flag values are visible as boolean values in source code, and useful to enable or disable features. You can specify which feature is enabled by build variant, user name, application version, another flag value, and their combinations.

Getting started

Add library dependencies

The plugin is available on Gradle Plugin Portal. Add configurations in the build.gradle.kts file as follows.

// In your module's `build.gradle.kts`
plugins {
  id("") version "x.y.z"

Add configuration

We assume this project has two build types: debug and release as follows.

android {
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            // snip
        release {
            // snip

We may define flag phases as follows, for example.

  • DEBUG: Enabled when the build type is debug.
  • RELEASE: Enabled when the build type is debug or release.

The following code is actuall configuration example.

featureFlag {
    sourceFile = file("FEATURE_FLAG")
    packageName = "com.example.featureflag"
    phases = mapOf(
        "DEBUG" to setOf(buildType("debug")),
        "RELEASE" to setOf(buildType("debug"), buildType("release"))
    releasePhaseSet = setOf(buildType("release"))

Definition of each property is as follows.

  • sourceFile: A feature flag property File to read.
  • packageName: A package name of generated FeatureFlag class.
  • phases: A list of pairs of phase and the corresponding build variants.
  • releasePhaseSet: Build variants to allow using primitive boolean values as flag values. An optimizer may inline flag values with the variants. buildType or flavor can be specified as a variant.

How to use

Create property files

Create a feature flag property file in your module. An example is as follows.

# Simple property
FLAG_1 = DEBUG              # Enabled when build in `DEBUG` phase.
FLAG_2 = 1.2.0~             # Enabled when module version is `1.2.0` or later.
FLAG_3 = @user              # Enabled if the username is `user`.
FLAG_4 = submodule:FLAG_A   # Delegates flag enability to `FLAG_A` in module `submodule`.

# Property with options
OVERRIDABLE FLAG_5 = DEBUG  # Makes the flag modifiable at runtime.
PRIVATE FLAG_6 = DEBUG      # Makes the flag not accessible from a flag property file in another module.
LITERALIZE FLAG_7 = DEBUG   # Try to use a primitive boolean as the flag value.
# Property combination
# Enabled if either of the following conditions satisfies
# 1. Built in `DEBUG` phase.
# 2. Built in `RELEASE` phase and version `1.3.0` or later.
FLAG_8 = DEBUG, RELEASE & 1.3.0~

PRIVATE FLAG_9_USERS = @user1, @user2  # Enabled if built by `user1` or `user2`
FLAG_9 = FLAG_9_USERS & DEBUG          # Enabled if `FLAG_9_USERS` is enabled and built in `DEBUG` phase.

Use flag value from application code

// Change view visibility
view.isVisible = FeatureFlag.FLAG_1

// Change activity
val targetActivityClass = if(FeatureFlag.FLAG_2) else
val intent = Intent(context, targetActivityClass)

// Change presenter
val presenter = if (FeatureFlag.FLAG_3) FooPresenter() else BarPresenter()

// Modify the flag value programmatically (available when it's `OVERRIDABLE`)
FeatureFlag.FLAG_5 = false

How to contribute


If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability or have an issue related to security, please contact the maintainer directly or send us a email to before sending a pull request.


Copyright 2019 LINE Corporation

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

See LICENSE for more detail.

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