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Go SDK for the LINE Messaging API

About LINE Messaging API

See the official API documentation for more information.

English: https://developers.line.me/en/docs/messaging-api/reference/
Japanese: https://developers.line.me/ja/docs/messaging-api/reference/


$ go get github.com/line/line-bot-sdk-go/linebot


import (

func main() {
	bot, err := linebot.New("<channel secret>", "<channel access token>")

Configuration with http.Client

client := &http.Client{}
bot, err := linebot.New("<channel secret>", "<channel accsss token>", linebot.WithHTTPClient(client))

How to start

The LINE Messaging API uses the JSON data format. ParseRequest() will help you to parse the *http.Request content and return a slice of Pointer point to Event Object.

events, err := bot.ParseRequest(req)
if err != nil {
	// Do something when something bad happened.

The LINE Messaging API defines 7 types of event - EventTypeMessage, EventTypeFollow, EventTypeUnfollow, EventTypeJoin, EventTypeLeave, EventTypePostback, EventTypeBeacon. You can check the event type by using event.Type

for _, event := range events {
	if event.Type == linebot.EventTypeMessage {
		// Do Something...


To send a message to a user, group, or room, you need either an ID

userID := event.Source.UserID
groupID := event.Source.GroupID
RoomID := event.Source.RoomID

or a reply token.

replyToken := event.ReplyToken

Create message

The LINE Messaging API provides various types of message. To create a message, use New<Type>Message().

leftBtn := linebot.NewMessageAction("left", "left clicked")
rightBtn := linebot.NewMessageAction("right", "right clicked")

template := linebot.NewConfirmTemplate("Hello World", leftBtn, rightBtn)

message := linebot.NewTemplateMessage("Sorry :(, please update your app.", template)

Send message

With an ID, you can send message using PushMessage()

var messages []linebot.Message

// append some message to messages

_, err := bot.PushMessage(ID, messages...).Do()
if err != nil {
	// Do something when some bad happened

With a reply token, you can reply to messages using ReplyMessage()

var messages []linebot.Message

// append some message to messages

_, err := bot.ReplyMessage(replyToken, messages...).Do()
if err != nil {
	// Do something when some bad happened


This library requires Go 1.6 or later.