Some simple scripts to visualize the deviation in on time performance for Birmingham, Alabama's bus system
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DV8 (Deviate)

(c) 2017 Marcus Dillavou

This is a set of simple scripts that uses the public real time tracking API for the BJCTA Max Bus System at:

This pulls down the information on all the buses every few seconds and records it in a database, so that later on, we can run reports.

All code is released under the MIT License


This script will begin to poll the Real time API for the BJCTA Max Bus System every 30 seconds, and record all data to a local sqlite database called poller.db.

Once events have been collected, you can run the other analysis tools that utilize this database.


  • python 3
  • sqlalchemy
  • python-requests


This script reads from the poller.db and generates a graph as a pdf. It can graph different variables for each route.

Currently, there are two graph types:

  • deviation: This graph shows the deviation of the buses from the schedule (on time performance). By default, this will graph all the data in the database in one, very large pdf called deviation.pdf
  • onboard: This graph shows how many riders are on the bus at any given time. By default, this will graph all the data in the database in one, very large pdf called onboard.pdf.

You can optionally pass in a start and end day to have this only plot a specific range. For example, if you only want to see July 20th, then:

python3 create_graph deviation 20170720 20170720

If you want to plot a range of multiple days, like July 19th-21st:

python3 create_graph onboard 20170719 20170721


  • python 3
  • sqlalchemy
  • matplotlib