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EvoBib: A Bibliographic Database and Quote Collection

EvoBib is a collection of bibliographic entries and quotes. If you want to simply access the most recent version of the data, just download the files evobib-converted.bib and evoref.csv which contain the data in the most recent dumps (the original file evobib.bib contains many customized entries that may not work).

You can also access the most recent version of the the bibliography directly via its URL, thus when writing, you will receive:

    author = {Swadesh, Morris},
    journal = {International Journal of American Linguistics},
    number = {2},
    pages = {121-137},
    title = {Towards greater accuracy in lexicostatistic dating},
    volume = {21},
    year = {1955}

In order to explore the data in a "normal" mode, just go to the main interface at

If you want to reference this collection in your work, please quote the database as:

List, Johann-Mattis (2020): EvoBib: A bibliographic database and quote collection. Version 1.2.0. Jena: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. URL: