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Asynchronous Java made easier
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Reusing a Promise in FusionTask was causing that parent task was

completed before child "fusion" task. If trace was obtained in parent's
PromiseListener then "fusion" task was being reported as "UNFINISHED"
what was confusing. This change fixes this bug be decoupling "fusion"
task Promise and parent's Promise.
latest commit 0e245c364c
@jodzga jodzga authored


ParSeq is a framework that makes it easier to write asynchronous code in Java.

Some of the key benefits of ParSeq include:

  • Parallelization of asynchronous operations (such as IO)
  • Serialized execution for non-blocking computation
  • Code reuse via task composition
  • Simple error propagation and recovery
  • Execution tracing and visualization

Our Wiki includes an introductory example, a User's Guide, javadoc, and more.

Build Status

Build Status


ParSeq is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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