Circuit and code to display an audio spectrum bar chart on the BBC micro bit.
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Code to display an audio spectrum bar chart on the BBC micro:bit using the MSGEQ7 spectrum analyser chip - circuit schematic as shown.

The prototype was breadboarded and then transferred to a zbit:builder board (kindly supplied by Due to the limited prototyping space on the zbit:builder, less experienced constructors might find it easier to use regular stripboard.

Video here:

The MSGEQ7 chip is available from Sparkfun and regional/global agents.

Beware of buying the MSGEQ7 chip on ebay - some/many have turned out to be faulty and it's suspected that they are manufacturing rejects.

Schematic Image

On zbit:builder Image

(That's some mighty [fine/scary - insert as appropriate] circuit squishing going on there.)