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This release adds support for integrating Linkerd's PKI with an external certificate issuer such as cert-manager as well as streamlining the certificate rotation process in general. For more details about cert-manager and certificate rotation, see the docs. This release also includes performance improvements to the dashboard, reduced memory usage of the proxy, various improvements to the Helm chart, and much much more.

To install this release, run: curl | sh

Upgrade notes: This release includes breaking changes to our Helm charts.
Please see the upgrade instructions.

Special thanks to: @alenkacz, @bmcstdio, @daxmc99, @droidnoob, @ereslibre,
@javaducky, @joakimr-axis, @JohannesEH, @KIVagant, @mayankshah1607,
@Pothulapati, and @StupidScience!

Full release notes:

  • CLI
    • Updated the mTLS trust anchor checks to eliminate false positives caused by
      extra trailing spaces
    • Reduced the severity level of the Linkerd version checks, so that they
      don't fail when the external version endpoint is unreachable
      (thanks @mayankshah1607!)
    • Added a new tap APIService check to aid with uncovering Kubernetes API
      aggregatation layer issues (thanks @droidnoob!)
    • Introduced CNI checks to confirm the CNI plugin is installed and ready;
      this is done through linkerd check --pre --linkerd-cni-enabled before
      installation and linkerd check after installation if the CNI plugin is
    • Added support for the --as-group flag so that users can impersonate
      groups for Kubernetes operations (thanks @mayankshah1607!)
    • Added HA specific checks to linkerd check to ensure that the kube-system
      namespace has the
      label set
    • Fixed a problem causing the presence of unnecessary empty fields in
      generated resource definitions (thanks @mayankshah1607)
    • Added the ability to pass both port numbers and port ranges to
      --skip-inbound-ports and --skip-outbound-ports (thanks to @javaducky!)
    • Increased the comprehensiveness of linkerd check --pre
    • Added TLS certificate validation to check and upgrade commands
    • Added support for injecting CronJobs and ReplicaSets, as well as the ability
      to use them as targets in the CLI subcommands
    • Introduced the new flags --identity-issuer-certificate-file,
      --identity-issuer-key-file and identity-trust-anchors-file to linkerd upgrade to support trust anchor and issuer certificate rotation
    • Added a check that ensures using --namespace and --all-namespaces
      results in an error as they are mutually exclusive
    • Added a Dashboard.Replicas parameter to the Linkerd Helm chart to allow
      configuring the number of dashboard replicas (thanks @KIVagant!)
    • Removed redundant service profile check (thanks @alenkacz!)
    • Updated uninject command to work with namespace resources
      (thanks @mayankshah1607!)
    • Added a new --identity-external-issuer flag to linkerd install that
      configures Linkerd to use certificates issued by an external certificate
      issuer (such as cert-manager)
    • Added support for injecting a namespace to linkerd inject (thanks
    • Added checks to linkerd check --preinstall ensuring Kubernetes Secrets
      can be created and accessed
    • Fixed linkerd tap sometimes displaying incorrect pod names for unmeshed
      IPs that match multiple running pods
    • Made linkerd install --ignore-cluster and --skip-checks faster
    • Fixed a bug causing linkerd upgrade to fail when used with
    • Made --cluster-domain an install-only flag (thanks @bmcstdio!)
    • Updated check to ensure that proxy trust anchors match configuration
      (thanks @ereslibre!)
    • Added condition to the linkerd stat command that requires a window size
      of at least 15 seconds to work properly with Prometheus
  • Controller
    • Fixed an issue where an override of the Docker registry was not being
      applied to debug containers (thanks @javaducky!)
    • Added check for the Subject Alternate Name attributes to the API server
      when access restrictions have been enabled (thanks @javaducky!)
    • Added support for arbitrary pod labels so that users can leverage the
      Linkerd provided Prometheus instance to scrape for their own labels
      (thanks @daxmc99!)
    • Fixed an issue with CNI config parsing
    • Fixed a race condition in the linkerd-web service
    • Updated Prometheus to 2.15.2 (thanks @Pothulapati)
    • Increased minimum kubernetes version to 1.13.0
    • Added support for pod ip and service cluster ip lookups in the destination
    • Added recommended kubernetes labels to control-plane
    • Added the --wait-before-exit-seconds flag to linkerd inject for the proxy
      sidecar to delay the start of its shutdown process (a huge commit from
      @KIVagant, thanks!)
    • Added a pre-sign check to the identity service
    • Fixed inject failures for pods with security context capabilities
    • Added conntrack to the debug container to help with connection tracking
    • Fixed a bug in tap where mismatch cluster domain and trust domain caused
      tap to hang
    • Fixed an issue in the identity RBAC resource which caused start up errors
      in k8s 1.6 (thanks @Pothulapati!)
    • Added support for using trust anchors from an external certificate issuer
      (such as cert-mananger) to the linkerd-identity service
    • Added support for headless services (thanks @JohannesEH!)
  • Helm
    • Breaking change: Renamed noInitContainer parameter to cniEnabled
    • Breaking Change Updated Helm charts to follow best practices (thanks
      @Pothulapati and @javaducky!)
    • Fixed an issue with helm install where the lists of ignored inbound and
      outbound ports would not be reflected
    • Fixed the linkerd-cni Helm chart not setting proper namespace annotations
      and labels
    • Fixed certificate issuance lifetime not being set when installing through
    • Updated the helm build to retain previous releases
    • Moved CNI template into its own Helm chart
  • Proxy
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the OpenCensus exporter to stall
    • Improved error classification and error responses for gRPC services
    • Fixed a bug where the proxy could stop receiving service discovery updates,
      resulting in 503 errors
    • Improved debug/error logging to include detailed contextual information
    • Fixed a bug in the proxy's logging subsystem that could cause the proxy to
      consume memory until the process is OOM killed, especially when the proxy was
      configured to log diagnostic information
    • Updated proxy dependencies to address RUSTSEC-2019-0033, RUSTSEC-2019-0034,
      and RUSTSEC-2020-02
  • Web UI
    • Fixed an error when refreshing an already open dashboard when the Linkerd
      version has changed
    • Increased the speed of the dashboard by pausing network activity when the
      dashboard is not visible to the user
    • Added support for CronJobs and ReplicaSets, including new Grafana dashboards
      for them
    • Added linkerd check to the dashboard in the /controlplane view
    • Added request and response headers to the tap expanded view in the
    • Added filter to namespace select button
    • Improved how empty tables are displayed
    • Added Host: header validation to the linkerd-web service, to protect
      against DNS rebinding attacks
    • Made the dashboard sidebar component responsive
    • Changed the navigation bar color to the one used on the Linkerd website
  • Internal
    • Added validation to incoming sidecar injection requests that ensures
      the value of is either enabled or disabled
      (thanks @mayankshah1607)
    • Upgraded the Prometheus Go client library to v1.2.1 (thanks @daxmc99!)
    • Fixed an issue causing tap, injector and sp-validator to use
      old certificates after helm upgrade due to not being restarted
    • Fixed incomplete Swagger definition of the tap api, causing benign
      error logging in the kube-apiserver
    • Removed the destination container from the linkerd-controller deployment as
      it now runs in the linkerd-destination deployment
    • Allowed the control plane to be injected with the debug container
    • Updated proxy image build script to support HTTP proxy options
      (thanks @joakimr-axis!)
    • Updated the CLI doc command to auto-generate documentation for the proxy
      configuration annotations (thanks @StupidScience!)
    • Added new --trace-collector and --trace-collector-svc-account flags to
      linkerd inject that configures the OpenCensus trace collector used by
      proxies in the injected workload (thanks @Pothulapati!)
    • Added a new --control-plane-tracing flag to linkerd install that enables
      distributed tracing in the control plane (thanks @Pothulapati!)
    • Added distributed tracing support to the control plane (thanks