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⚠️ This repository is deprecated. Use the one from the CasperJS organization:



This project aims to run CasperJS tests in a Maven build.

Now available on Maven central. Add in your pom.xml:


System requirements

This plugin has been tested on two environments :

  • PhantomJS (v 1.8.2) and CasperJS (v 1.0.4) where installed.
  • PhantomJS (v 1.9.7) and CasperJS (v 1.1.0-beta3) where installed.


Download the sources, and build the plugin using the mvn clean install command. You can build this plugin using Maven 2.2.x or Maven 3.x, and a JDK 1.6.


See the plugin site


Here is a list of things that should be done to make this plugin awesome:

  • Set default values for some parameters ( for example)
  • Manage sub-directories where files are included
  • Manage a list of excludes / includes for the tests to run
  • Publish to Maven Central
  • Maven site
  • Continuous Integration via Travis CI

Issues / Enhancements

If you encounter issues or think about any kind of enhancements, you can add them in the adequate section of the project. Do not hesitate also to make Push Requests if you want to enhance this project.


This plugin is licensed with Apache License 2.0