DSD specific patches for MPD 0.19
Latest commit 7b6d9bf Sep 16, 2016 @lintweaker Patch for MPD 0.19.19



DSD specific patches for MPD 0.19

[16-sep-16] Patch for MPD 0.19.19

[31-jul-16] Patch for MPD 0.19.17


Patch for MPD 0.19.16


Updated patch for MPD 0.19.14


Updated patch for MPD 0.19.13. Contains workaround for hangs with certain DFF files.


New patch against MPD 0.19.13


Patch: 0001-Add-native-DSD-support-to-MPD-0.19.12.patch


Patch: 0001-Add-native-DSD-support-to-MPD-0.19.11.patch

[05-jul-15] Patch: 0001-Add-native-DSD-support-to-MPD-0.19.10.patch

Native DSD patch updated for MPD 0.19.10

[21-feb-15] Patch: 0001-Add-native-DSD-support-to-MPD-0.19.9.patch

Native DSD patch updated for MPD 0.19.9.

[06-feb-15] Patch: 0001-Add-native-DSD-support-to-MPD-0.19.patch

Patch against MPD 0.19.8 for native DSD support (using DSD_U8 and DSD_U32_BE) formats.

Note: ALSA 1.0.29 or later, or a patched version of 1.0.27/1.0.28, is required to use the new DSD sample formats.