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OpenCL Simple Test

This site contains two simple OpenCL programs: Transmisson and Endianness. Both programs could be built on multiple platforms, such as iOS (clang), Mac OS X (clang) and Windows (MSVC) etc.

There is also a Makefile for iOS to build. And the Darwin ARMv7 binaries are already built here named Transmisson and Endianness.

##Transmisson This demo simply transmits data between internal RAM and GPU RAM and calculates the time it costs. It is a four-step progress:

  • Internal RAM to Internal RAM
  • Internal RAM to GPU RAM
  • GPU RAM to Internal RAM

The data size of the demo is 8 mega bytes.

##Endianness This demo converts the endianness of unsigned 64-bit integers.

The number of integers are 32768.

##iOS Makefile Usage You have to specify your SDK path before using it. The default SDK is Xcode 5.0 with iOS 7.0 SDK.

#Declaration This site is distributed under BSD license.

Linus Yang