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Extract Mi Pay from MIUI China Rom
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Mi Pay Extractor

Extract Mi Pay from MIUI China Rom

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Use at your own risk!


Put MIUI 9 China Rom (OTA zip package) in the directory and double-click extract.bat (Windows) or run ./ (macOS and Linux) to generate the flashable zip.

Additionally, if you want to recover Chinese functions, e.g. bus card shortcut or quick payments for WeChat/Alipay in "App Vault" (i.e. the leftmost shortcut page on home screen), you can add an option --appvault: extract.bat --appvault (Windows) or ./ --appvault (macOS and Linux). An extra flashable zip file with prefix eufix-appvault will be generated.

Support Windows, Linux and macOS (10.10 or above). Windows version has all dependencies included. For macOS, you need Java 8 runtime. For Linux, you may need both Java 8 and Python 2.7. For example, you can install all dependencies using apt-get:

apt-get install -y openjdk-8-jre python2.7


  • It is recommended to run extract.bat on Windows. WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is not supported due to issues of the emulated file system in WSL. You need a real Linux VM on Windows to run ./
  • To avoid line-ending issues, Windows users should directly download the repo through the Github's "Clone or Download" button, instead of using a Windows version's Git command. If you clone the repo using a MinGW version's Git, the line endings may be incorrectly converted to CR/LF, which makes the generated packages invalid to use.

Automatic builds for selected devices are available in releases.

Recover Chinese Functions

For users in China, you can also download the rom and run for creating a flashable zip with prefix eufix. It contains patches to

  • Show Lunar dates in Calendar app.
  • Fix FC of cleaner app.
  • Show payment monitor options in setting page of Security app.
  • Use Chinese weather sources in Weather app.
  • Allow alarm of legal workday repeat mode.

(Optional) Encryption for ROMs

It is recommended to enable encryption if you plan to use Mi Pay. Official MIUI roms (China or International) has encryption enabled by default. But roms remove encryption by default (check in "Settings-Privacy-Encryption"). Some early versions of EU roms have bootloop bugs when enabling encryption in Settings (Backup before trying!).

If your device cannot be encrypted normally in Settings, you can completely format /data/ partition and flash the additional zip file after flashing ROM.


  • Do not try to flash when your device is decrypted. It will cause bootloop. Only flash it when your device has a freshly formatted /data partition, or already encrypted.
  • Formatting /data will destroy EVERYTHING, including all your personal data and external storage (/sdcard). Remember to backup before formatting.
  • Once your /data partition is encrypted, it will be kept encrypted. But when you flash a new EU rom, the force encryption will be removed. You need to flash this file every time you flash a new EU rom.


  • sdat2img
  • progress (by @verigak)
  • smali/baksmali
  • SuperR's Kitchen
  • vdexExtractor
  • Google Android SDK
  • p7zip
  • flinux
  • Apk-Changer


This repository is provided with no warranty. Make sure you have legal access to MIUI Roms if using this repository. If any files of this repository violate your copyright, please contact me to remove them.


License: GPL v3

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