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VLCJ binding for Processing
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VLCJ binding for Processing.

Simple wrapper with unified processing video interface.

Forked from the VLCJVideo library by Oleg Sidorov.


VLC Media Player

Requires VLC >= 3.06. It may not work with older versions.


import VLCJVideo.*;

VLCJVideo video;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);
  video = new VLCJVideo(this);

void draw() {
  image(video, 0, 0);



VLCJVideo(this, options[])

options is a string array (optional). By default VLCJVideo is initialized with "-V dummy" and "--no-video-title-show"

String[] options = {"--video-filter", "sepia:wave"};
video = new VLCJVideo(this, options);

void openMedia(String mrl)

void play()

void stop()

void pause()

void jump(float pos)

pos in seconds

void loop()

void noLoop()

void mute()

void setVolume(float volume)

volume between 0.0 and 1.0

float time()

float duration()

float volume()

boolean isReady()

boolean isPlaying()

boolean isPlayable()

boolean isSeekable()

boolean canPause()

void bind(MediaPlayerEventType type, Runnable handler)

See "Events" example

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